Hi Jo

Good to have met you yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the evidence of my craftmanship is shown here in sepia glory.

Thanks for your expertise, patience and guidance throughout the day. All of my senses were in flashback to when I started work in the late 60s.

I would genuinely recommend the experience to anybody as your teaching style and patience would not preclude anyone from having a rewarding and stimulating day.

Last night our newly manufactured candlestick illuminated the front room.. and as I sat in a flickering light of pride, I thought. “Yep… I made that!”

Great news also… Having refitted it, the repair to the cast iron leg appears to be holding up. Exposure to weight will be gradual… starting with any passing salesman or Inland revenue inspectors who stray to my door!

The toasting fork is yet to be used, but is in prime position for the first open fire of Winter.

Thanks again Jo… As I wrote on Facebook last night. “Burned, Blistered and Blown Away!!”

Very Best Regards