Welcomed our latest budding blacksmiths to the forge last Friday.

As before we kicked started proceedings with a toasting fork, and feedback was that whatever I showed them, it took them 10 times longer to do!  Hey practice makes perfect and it’s only taken just over 30 years to get that quick 🙂

Here's something I made earlier....

This took up the morning session and after lunch, we moved onto their chosen items – hanging basket bracket and coat hooks!

I’ve popped a short video on the facebook page of some of the action!

Obviously my main aim with the days are that people really enjoy the experience and get a real taste of working at the forge, as well as something they have made to take home.  Here’s feedback from one of the attendees:

Have a very different day out and get to make a couple of pieces you would not expect to be able to do! All under the excellent tutelage of Jo Fry the resident Blacksmith. It is an intensive day and at the end you will know you have worked hard! He will explain every detail you need to produce your item and it will be broken down into five or six distinct parts. He will be able to do any one bit in 2 minutes, you will take 20 minutes to do the same! You will be amazed at what he can get you to make and you will enjoy every second. I was given my day out as a Christmas present and I thoroughly recomend the experience. Many thnaks Jo for showing me your skill and giving me the chance to have a go.”

Well that certainly makes it all worth while – hope to see some of you at the forge very soon….